IMAG at Home

Join us for every day that we are closed for some engaging educational programs that we will post everyday. Check out the schedule below.

  • Monday

    12:00 PM – STEM @ Home- Theme Day!

    3:00 PM – Audience Participation Post

  • Tuesday

    11:00 AM – Meet the Keeper

    3:00 PM – Science on a Sphere

  • Wednesday

    11:00 AM – Meet the Keeper

    3:00 PM – STEM @ Home

  • Thursday

    11:00 AM – Meet the Keeper

    3:00 PM – Curator’s Corner

  • Friday

    11:00 AM – Meet the Keeper

    9:00 PM – Beers & Gears

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Phases of the Moon Activity

Phases of the Moon
Sky Map

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Don’t Try this at Home

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Don’t Try This at Home