Summer Camp 2018

Camp IMAG sessions include fun and educational hands-on activities, games, crafts, special guests, and exhibit explorations! Innovative curriculum integrating science, history, the arts, and humanities, inspires the imagination and encourages an overall love of learning! Camps are designed for rising 1st-8th graders, and each session will be divided into two classes based on camper age.


Members – $175/ per week

Non-Members-$225/ per week

Camp Hours

9:00 AM – 4:00 PM


Pre-camp is available from 8:00 AM – 8:45 AM for an additional $5 per day. Pre-care can be purchased during the registration process.


Post-camp is available from 4:15 PM – 5:30 PM for an additional $5 per day. Pre-care can be purchased during the registration process. Please note there is a $3 per minute late charge for any camper pick up past 5:31 PM.


Box lunches are available for $6 each and include an entrée selection, chips, fruit snacks, and a juice box.

Make Fridays even more fun by indulging in some delicious pizza from Downtown House of Pizza. Pre-order your serving during registration or no later than Thursday morning.

Camp Dress Code

Campers must wear the designated camp t-shirt every day. One t-shirt will be handed out per registrant for free. Additional t-shirts may be pre-ordered during registration or purchased at any time in person for $10+ tax each. Campers who come to camp without a t-shirt will be given a new t-shirt and a $10+tax fee will be assessed to your registration.

Summer Camp 2018 Weekly Schedule.

Week 1: June 4th-8thWeek 2:

June 10th-15th

Week 3: June 18th-22ndWeek 4: June 25th-29thWeek 5: July 2nd- July 6th (No camp on the 4th!)Week 6: July 9th- 13thWeek 7: July 16th- 20thWeek 8: July 23rd- 27thWeek 9: July 30th- August 3rdWeek 10: August 6th – 9th


Inside OutFairytale EngineersThe Wright StuffClue IMAG EditionCreature ComfortsHow To Train Your RobotSuper IMAG AcademyMess-OlogistsThinkers & TinkersIMAG Master Chef.
Upper ElementryCritter KeepersKit HackersCabinet ChemistsMini MakersSpy SchoolSmash, Bash, and Crash.Byte-Sized ScienceSoda Bottle ScientistsAs Seen On…Hearts & Parts
Middle SchoolBoom Bang FizRobots, Rovers, & Drones… Oh My!Tech Garage Escape Room DesignersCosplay Designers

Join us at The IMAG History and Science Center for a spring and summer filled with STEM & history! Campers will have a blast while inventing, experimenting, exploring, and investigating in our all new immersive one-week camps. Plus, they will also explore the museum, experience our live Animal Encounters, participate in our all new Science Shows, get up close with our sea life in our Touch Tank, travel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea in our 3D Theater, and go back in time with our Virtual Reality Experience! Our number one goal is FUN- with a big side of LEARNING!

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Super Science Sampler –

 March 19th – 23rd – Not sure what branch of science (STEAM) is your favorite? Or do you just love them all?! Spend five days exploring five of the coolest branches of science (or STEAM)! Each day will cover a different science (STEAM) theme! Spend a day tinkering, inventing and making in our Maker Camp. Become an animal ambassador for a day. Learn how to build and program robots on another day. Experiment with Newton’s Laws after that. End the week making fizzy, slimy, foamy, and explosive concoctions!


Lower Elementary (1-2)

Inside Out:

Learn about the anatomy of different animals (including us, humans), how different body parts work, and what we need to be healthy! Dissect oil pellets to learn about bones and their functions! Discover how our bodies digest food and make fake poop! Create optical illusions that trick your eyes. Learning about anatomy has never been so gross or so much fun!

Fairytale Engineers:

Inspired by the classics, use your engineering skills to design a new escape method for Rapunzel, test which of the Three Little Pigs’ houses could withstand a hurricane, build a new castle for Cinderella, and more!

The Wright Stuff:

Look to history then let your imagination take flight as you design and test a variety of flying machines, in the spirit of the famous Wright brothers. You will learn about principles of flight as you design gliders that zip through the air or do stunts, send balloon helicopters twirling, and even launch rockets!

Clue: IMAG Edition:

A crime has been committed at The IMAG and you are the only one that can solve it! Learn crime scene investigation skills as you examine clues throughout the IMAG and solve the crime!

Creature Comforts:

Get up close and personal with The IMAG’s animal residents as you learn all about them and how to care for them!

How To Train Your Robot:

Design and build a robot, then “train” it to do different tasks using Lego Mindstorms and WeDo!

Super IMAG Academy:

Super Hero, Sidekick, Villain? Learn about the science behind super powers, such as their connections to real plants and animals, the weather, physics, and more! Then test out your own super powers, design your alter ego and super hero or villain costume, create your own gadgets, and compete in Super IMAG Academy challenges!


Explore the messy, ooey, gooey, icky, sticky side of science and art as you mix slippery slime, erupt foamy elephant toothpaste, make colorful bubble prints, create explosive splatter paintings, and more!

Thinkers & Tinkers:

This camp is for young makers that love tinkering, building, hacking, and crafting! Be a toy engineer and build racing cars or a catapult basketball game. Transform your drawings into 3-dimensional pieces using a 3D Pen. Take apart old electronics and build new inventions. Spend the week learning to use new tools, solving problems, and creating your own DIY projects!

IMAG Master Chef:

Calling all aspiring chefs! In this camp, you will blend science and culinary arts as you mix up your own unique flavor of ice cream using liquid nitrogen, melt and mold chocolate into fun shapes, brew a batch of dry ice root beer, and even make homemade pop rocks! At the end of the week, you will try to impress the IMAG judges with your new wild culinary skills.


Upper Elementary (3-5)

Critter Keepers:

Learn what it takes to care for the animals at the IMAG, engineer enrichment activities for them, and even help design a new Live Animal Show!

Kit Hackers:

Take pre-made science kits and figure out all new ways to use the materials included in the kit! Launch a rocket using supplies from a gum making kit! Make exploding bags from an ice cream making kit! Completely change the design of a robot kit! Or use a soap making kit to create a crazy optical illusion and giant bouncing bubbles!

Cabinet Chemists:

Empty out the cabinets in the house with us and see what kind of messy, fizzy, exploding, and oozing science experiments we can come up with together!

Mini Makers:

Spend a week in a Maker Lab as you learn how to use new tools, technology, and engineering to create your own DIY STEAM projects! Make wearable technology, use 3D Pens to “draw” sculptures, design electric greeting cards, and come up with your own projects! Tinker, invent, create, make, and innovate in this maker camp!!

Spy School:

Do you have what it takes to be a spy? Learn how to crack and create codes, build spy equipment and gadgets, complete physical obstacle courses, and create your own disguise. Then go on a Top Secret Mission!

Smash, Bash and Crash:

Design, build and test (and sometimes crash!) racing cars, speeding boats, zooming rockets, and more! Turn our classroom into a crash test course for your designs!

Byte-Sized Science:

Build and program Lego Mindstorm robots that can race, maneuver through mazes, and even play tug of war! Create video games using Bloxels, transform everyday objects into musical instruments using Makey Makey, and use LittleBits to build your own inventions. Learn basic coding and programming one byte at a time!

Soda Bottle Scientists:

Explore chemistry, physics, biology, weather, astronomy, and more using individual and 2-liter soda bottles! Transform bottles into erupting Mentos geysers, swirling lava lamps, instant twirling clouds, and even high-flying rockets! Plus, design your own soda bottle experiment!

As Seen On… :

Try out some of the most popular, wild and messy science experiments featured on Youtube! Erupt an elephant toothpaste geyser-like Science Bob! Launch hundreds of Alka-Seltzer rockets all at one time like Steve Spangler! Make a Walking Water Rainbow like WhizKidScience! Then create your own science video you can upload to your channel or ours!

Hearts and Parts:

Explore human and animal anatomy in this investigative camp! Create a working set of lungs and a breathing machine. Make an edible skin layers cake. Dissect an animal that has eight hearts! Discover how our parts work together to keep us healthy and alive!

Middle School (6-8)

Boom, Bang, Fizz:

You will need safety goggles and a lab coat for this camp… and maybe a fire extinguisher! Erupt elephant toothpaste geysers that are over 10 feet tall, launch liquid nitrogen rockets, use dry ice to create a bubbling, smoking acid/base test, make exploding zip loc bags, and more in this explosive chemistry camp!

Robots, Rovers, and Drones… Oh, My!:

Learn how to design, build, program and maneuver different types of robots, rovers, and drones in this camp using Lego Mindstorms, Spheros, and more!

Tech Garage:

Grab your tools and get ready work in a Maker Lab! Design and print 3D objects. Use our laser cutter and vinyl cutter to make things you design in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Make a solar-powered phone charger, wearable electronics, and even a DIY Gamer! If you can dream it and plan it, you can make it!

Escape Room Designers:

Help us transform our classroom into the IMAG Escape Room! Assemble a keypad entry that requires a code for exit, design puzzles, make lying photos, create code and ciphers, hide clues in QR codes, build secret compartments, and more! Put them all together to create a themed escape room!

Cosplay Designers:

Learn how to design, build and make your own cosplay costumes and props. Re-purpose clothing, decorate found items, and even make items from scratch!

Junior Camp Assistant Program 2018

 The Jr. Camp Assistant Training Program is an exciting professional development opportunity for rising 9th -12th  grade students who are interested in working with children in an educational setting during our Camp IMAG weekly Spring/Winter/Summer sessions. Students can apply to assist camp educators with the day-to-day camp activities. Be sure to check with your school for volunteer hours or community service credit!

Interested students (and their parents) should complete the application attached and return it to the IMAG Science and History Center for review. Museum staff will email to confirm application. Only a few spots will be filled based on performance and attendance during camp sessions. $45 Training fee applies.

Training Session Fee Includes:

  • Professional Development Training Session with Lunch
  • Individual One-Year Membership to the IMAG History & Science Center
  • Personalized Certificate of Appreciation (Upon Completion of assignment)
  • Letter of reference (Upon completion of assignment)
  • Two camp T-Shirts (Must be worn every day)



Teaching Opportunities

IMAG History & Science Center is hiring instructors for our Science and History summer camps. As a camp instructor, you will be responsible for inspiring kids (ages 5-13 years old) to engage in hands-on STEM and history activities. The ideal candidates are passionate about STEM and/or history and have the proper classroom management skills to make camp-learning fun and exciting.  Haven’t taught camp before? Not a problem! We provide the training you need before camp starts. Camp instructor applicants will complete a general application and submit a resume to be considered for an in-person interview. We will determine which type of camp is the best fit with your background and availability.