Plan your field trip to the IMAG History & Science Center

All Field Trips Include the Following:

  • FREE “Animal Encounter” – 20-30 minutes (live demonstrations at 11am & 2pm daily)
  • FREE On-Your-Own Discovery in the Hands-On Exhibit Halls – approximately 45 minutes Hands-On Hall, Mind Magic, Animal Lab, SEA-to-SEE Touch Tank & Aquaria, Fossils, IMAG-TV Weather Station
  • FREE Self-Guided Tour of Outdoor Exhibits – 20-30 minutes Fish-Eye Lagoon, Tortoise Corral, Caloosahatchee Experience, and FPL Solar Array
  • FREE use of Picnic Area – for lunch or other activities
  • Museum Store – offers fun and educational items (only 8 students allowed in at a time and must be accompanied by a chaperone.)

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Groups who are not part of a public school system will be required to pay a $50 deposit which will be applied to your total outstanding balance. There is a 15 student minimum required to schedule a field trip. All field trips are scheduled between 10 AM – 1:30 PM. Movie and workshop add-ons are available, please see pricing and details below for more info.

Price per student and chaperone: $5.00 each

*Lee County Schools receive $1.00 off per student admission.

  • 3D Movie – $2.00/ticket
  • Workshop – $3.00-6.00/per student 30-45 minutes 

Enhance Your Experience with a Workshop!

**Workshops Not Available June-August**

In addition to exploring the museum’s exciting exhibits, IMAG also offers an assortment of educational workshops based on the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards to enhance the exhibit experience or complement your classroom curriculum. All workshops feature a live demonstration or hands-on activities and include a complete curriculum guide listing the standards addressed, vocabulary terms, recommended resources, as well as pre-visit and post-visit activities. Workshops are 30-45 minutes in length plus additional time to explore related exhibits. Note: Must reserve 3 hours for your field trip if you choose to add a workshop.

IMAG Workshop Program Selections

Prices: – $3.00-6.00/per student

Workshops require a minimum of 15 students.

  • “Dinosaur Discovery!” – Discover the science of paleontology as you examine fossil finds to unearth secrets of the past and create your own fossil! (Recommended for Grades 1-3) Price: $3.00 per student.
  • “Engineering Adventures!” – Experiment with simple machines, including levers and pulleys. Learn about the engineering design process before trying your hand at designing and engineering your own creations! (Recommended for Grades 4-8) Price: $3.00 per student.
  • “Exciting Electrons!” – Explore atomic structure, magnetism, and electricity and even build a real, working electromagnet. (Recommended for Grades 3-6) Price: $3.00 per student.
  • “Magical Matter!” – Learn about the different states of matter and create your own crazy colloid to take home. (Recommended for Grades K-5) Price: $3.00 per student.
  • “Wild Weather!” – Learn the science behind our wild, wacky, weather & create weather measurement tools. (Recommended for Grades 1-4) Price: $3.00 per student.
  • “Something’s Fishy!” – Create fish prints in the Japanese art of “Gyotaku” while learning basic fish anatomy. You can upgrade to T-shirts for an additional $3 per student! (Recommended for Grades 1-4) Price: $6.00 per student.

NEW! Large-Scale Live Science Assemblies!

Price: $200 (1 show up to 100 students), $350 (2 shows up to 200 students)

Shows are 30-45 minutes long and themes rotate throughout the year. See descriptions below.

  • Holiday Lights, Flights and Explosions! (December 2018): This special holiday themed chemistry and physics show will feature red and green exploding elephant toothpaste, a pile of snow that seems like it will never stop growing, swirling red and green fire tornadoes, flying reindeer launched with our giant slingshots and catapults, and hot chocolate made Florida style- frozen using liquid nitrogen!!! (recommended for grades K-6)
  • Fire and Ice (November – December 2018): Chill out with cool dry ice and liquid nitrogen demonstrations and then heat things up with fire tornadoes, Whoosh tubes, and a rainbow assortment of fireballs as you learn about the chemistry behind some of our most chilling and fiery demonstrations! (recommended for grades 3-6)
  • High Voltage (December 2018 – January 2019): Experience the electrifying side of science! Watch us making lightning inside with our Tesla Coil! Have a hair-raising encounter with our Van de Graaf Machine! Become part of a human circuit with our Sci Tubes and a human piano with Makey Makey! (recommended for grades 3-6) *** Tesla Coil is only for onsite programs.
  • The Wright Stuff (January – March 2019): Take flight with us as we explore the forces of motion, principles of flight, and history of flight! We will slingshot gliders and make them float in mid-air. We’ll use leaf blowers to make beach balls hover over our heads and giant vortex cannons to shoot massive smoke rings! Be sure to duck as rockets zip towards the ceiling, drones swoop over your heads, and rolls of toilet paper are unraveled and launched into the audience! (recommended for grades K-6)
  • Mad Science Lab (January – March 2019): Step into our lab and meet our resident mad scientists! Watch as they make crazy chemical concoctions that fizz, bubble, change color and even erupt! (recommended for grades K-6)
  • Edison vs. Tesla (February 2019): In this epic battle, the audience will decide once and for all who really was the best inventor! Join Edison and Tesla as we learn about Alternating and Direct Currents, their various inventions, and the importance of innovation! (recommended for grades 3-6)
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