IMAG Workshop Program Selections

  • “Dinosaur Discovery!” – Discover the science of paleontology as you examine some fascinating fossil finds to unearth secrets of the past and create your own fossil! (Recommended for Grades 1-3)
  • “Engineering Adventures!” – Experiment with simple machines, including levers and pulleys.  Learn about the engineering design process before trying your hand at designing and engineering your own creations! (Recommended for Grades 4-8)
  • “Exciting Electrons!” – Explore atomic structure, magnetism, and electricity and even build a real, working electromagnet. (Recommended for Grades 3-6)
  • “Magical Matter!” – Learn about the different states of matter and create your own crazy colloid to take home. (Recommended for Grades K-5)
  • “Something’s Fishy!” – Create fish prints in the Japanese art of “Gyotaku” while learning basic fish anatomy. (Upgrade to T-shirts for an additional $3 per student!) (Recommended for Grades 1-4)
  • “Wild Weather!” – Learn the science behind our wild, wacky weather & create weather measurement tools. (Recommended for Grades 1-4)
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