Science Assemblies

Have a large-scale science show, right at your school! Pick from the themes below to schedule yours today! Themes rotate throughout the year, please select a theme based on when you would like to schedule your assembly. Each show lasts 30-45 minutes long.

Price: $300 (1 show up to 150 students), $550/ 2 shows, $750/ 3 shows, $900/ 4 shows (plus $2 per mile travel fee)

  • Fire and Ice: Chill out with cool dry ice and liquid nitrogen demonstrations and then heat things up with fire tornadoes, Whoosh tubes, and a rainbow assortment of fireballs as you learn about the chemistry behind some of our most chilling and fiery demonstrations! (recommended for grades 3-6)
  • High Voltage: Experience the electrifying side of science! Have a hair-raising encounter with our Van de Graaf Machine! Become part of a human circuit with our Sci Tubes! Use static electricity to make objects levitate or race across a table! Dance on a yoga mat piano with Makey Makey! (recommended for grades 3-6)
  • Holiday Lights, Flights and Explosions! (December 2019): This special holiday themed chemistry and physics show will feature red and green exploding elephant toothpaste, a pile of snow that seems like it will never stop growing, swirling red and green fire tornadoes, flying reindeer launched with our giant slingshots and catapults, and hot chocolate made Florida style- frozen using liquid nitrogen!!! (recommended for grades K-6)
  • The Wright Stuff: Take flight with us as we explore the forces of motion, principles of flight, and history of flight! We will slingshot gliders and make them float in mid-air. We’ll use leaf blowers to make beach balls hover over our heads and giant vortex cannons to shoot massive smoke rings! Be sure to duck as rockets zip towards the ceiling, drones swoop over your heads, and rolls of toilet paper are unraveled and launched into the audience! (recommended for grades K-6)
  • Mad Science Lab: Step into our lab and meet our resident mad scientists! Watch as they make crazy chemical concoctions that fizz, bubble, change color and even erupt! (recommended for grades K-6)
  • The Glow Show: We’re turning out the lights and turning up the glow! Learn about bioluminescence, fluorescence, phosphorescence, and chemiluminescence through glow in the dark experiments and demonstrations! Discover what makes glow sticks light up! Watch glowing Mentos fountains erupt! (recommended for grades 2-6)
  • Blockbuster Science: Discover the science behind some of Hollywood’s special effects, explosions, and magical moments and be amazed by science demonstrations inspired by some of your favorite films! From making fireballs to shattering props with liquid nitrogen to creating creepy fog with dry ice, learn some of Hollywood’s movie tips and tricks in this fun show! (recommended for grades 3-6)
  • Wheel of STEAM: Spin the Wheel of STEAM to determine what we do! The Wheel will be filled with all kinds of big, fun science, technology, engineering, art and math experiments and demonstrations! This is an interactive show that focuses on the importance of STEAM! (recommended for grades K-6)
  • Don’t Try This At Home: Get ready for a messy, hair-raising, explosive, freezing and dangerous show! Watch us create colorful fireballs, ignite giant Whoosh Tubes, light bubbles on fire in our hands, erupt a giant bubbling Nitrogen cloud, make paint cans explode, create arcs of lightning with our Van de Graff Machine and more! Each show will be a unique mix of some of our craziest demonstrations! Just remember: Don’t try this at home! Try it with us at The IMAG instead! (recommended for grades 3-6)
  • Red, White and Boom! (July 2020): Celebrate the 4th of July all month long! Learn about the chemistry behind fireworks, launch different types of rockets, erupt red, white and blue elephant toothpaste, and more! (recommended for grades K-6)

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    The IMAG requires two weeks’ notice for rescheduling or cancelling your reservation. Cancellations made with less than two weeks’ notice will result in a cancellation fee of $50. Reschedule requests made with less than two weeks’ notice will be based on availability and result in a $25 reschedule fee. All cancellations or reschedule requests must be submitted via email to the IMAG Reservations Department at You will receive an emailed confirmation verifying your cancellation or reschedule request.
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