Backyard Buddies (TH)

Learn about some animal and insect friends you can find in our backyard! See like a bee, sip nectar like a butterfly, dig like a tortoise and more! Plus, meet one of our IMAG Animal Ambassadors!

($4 per student)

Storybook Scientists (TH)

  • Parts!: Learn about anatomy through this funny storybook and then conduct some silly grossology experiments!
  • Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses: Learn how sunlight can affect our eyes and color mixing. Then make a pair of special color mixing glasses of your own!
  • Three Little Pigs: Learn about the Three Little Pigs and try to build your own little house that can withstand the wolf’s huffing and puffing!
  • Brown Bear, Brown Bear: Read this classic Eric Carle tale and then play a non-screen, interactive coding activity using the animals from the book. Great introduction to the concept of coding!

($4 per student)

Dinosaur Detectives (TH)

Our IMAG team has received a mystery dinosaur! It is up to you to help them figure out what kind of dinosaur it is and give it a name! Learn about different types of dinosaurs, what their names mean, design your own, new dinosaur, and more in this fun, hand-on workshop!

($4 per student)

Tinker Tots (TH)

Put your thinking caps on and tinker in our portable Maker Space! Make a play dough marble maze! Build Lego bridges! Make bubble wands of all shapes and sizes! Every workshop is different!

($4 per student)

Weather Watchers (TH)

Learn about weather and the tools used to observe and predict it through fun, hands-on experiments. Create your own rain, use wind to make a pinwheel spin, make bracelets that change color in the sun, and more!

($4 per student)

Mini Mad Scientists (TH)

Help one of our IMAG Mad Scientists conduct some ooey, gooey, fizzy science experiments! Learn about states of matter; why some things sink and why some float; and more!

($4 per student)

Robotics/Coding: Noodlebots (TH)

Learn what makes something a robot, what kinds of jobs robots do, and make your very own Noodlebot to take home!

($6 per student)

(TH) = Take Home Project Included