See what you’ve never seen before. At the IMAG, you’ll experience Southwest Florida like nowhere else—you’ll walk through its history, soar through its weather, and hold its creatures in your hands.  

Feed a stingray in the SEA-to-SEE Touch Tank.  

Build something unbelievable in the Engineering Lab.  

Enter the Animal Lab and come face-to-face with the living web, both native and exotic, that calls our region home—from the invasive, majestic Tegu to the Florida Box Turtle. 

 Take control of the Earth at the interactive Science on a Sphere and discover the powerful weather forces that shape our world.  

Have a ball in the Science of Motion. 

At the IMAG, it’s all possible. No matter your age, we have something for you.  

The Weather Experience

Featured Exhibits

Science on a Sphere

Take control of Earth’s many systems and discover the complex world all around us with the Science on a Sphere simulator! 

IMAG TV Studio

Become the meteorologist by jumping in front of the IMAG TV Studio green screen and joining an ongoing broadcast!

IMAG Hurricane Simulator

Go inside the storm and experience one of our world’s most powerful forces!

Google Earth Wall

Where in the world is that? Go on an adventure with this interactive Google Earth Wall. 

Hands-On Hall

Featured Exhibits

IMAGination Playground

Become the architect of castles, towers, and wilder creations as you build a playground right out of your own IMAGination. 

Engineering Lab

Stretch your imagination by building gizmos and gadgets at the Engineering Lab!


Rollercoaster Builder

Zip, zoom, zing! Gravity and fun collide at the Rollercoaster Builder.

Nano Lab

Big discoveries come in the tiniest packages in the Nano Lab.

IMAG Memberships

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Walkthrough History

Featured Exhibits

World War II in Southwest Florida

Test your WWII knowledge as you discover the vital role Fort Myers played in the war effort.

Augmented Reality Sandbox

Use the power of augmented reality to shape and reshape Southwest Florida with the power of water!

History of Fort Myers

Walk through Fort Myers’ history in this timeline exhibit, from the Calusa empire that thrived along these shores to the modern-day arrival of Edison and Ford. 


Discover the Florida before time! 

Virtual Reality Experience

Put on a VR headset & journey back in time to Fort Myers’ colonial history!

Living Lab

Featured Exhibits

USS Mohawk CGC

Discover what lurks below the tropical waters of the Gulf of Mexico!

Stingray Bay Touch

Get fin-to-fin(ger) with the sea life of Florida’s coasts!

Lionfish: Underwater

Stare down one of Florida’s most invasive animals. Plus, find out how you can help!

Living Lab Animal Displays

Meet the Animal Ambassadors of the Living Lab!

Outdoor Exhibits

Featured Exhibits

Caloosahatchee Fossil Hunt

Prospect for treasure at the Caloosahatchee Fossil Hunt!

Backyard Nature

Stroll through Backyard Nature and discover Southwest Florida’s unique, beautiful ecosystem!

Water Works

Get your hands wet at the Water Works as you discover principles like buoyancy, flow, and more.

Fisheye Lagoon

Take a moment to feed the fish and turtles of the Fisheye Lagoon.