Living Lab

Our Living Lab is home to a variety of native and non-native animals including ball pythons, cane toads, Mexican axolotls, tiger salamanders, a red footed tortoise, and a variety of rat snakes, turtles, frogs and several species of lizards. Some of the Living Lab residents are presented daily during the Live! Animal Encounters.

The Living Lab also includes a state-of-the-art 3,200-gallon aquarium created by and featured on Animal Planet’s TV show, Tanked. The Mohawk Memorial Reef Aquarium features a replica of the artificial reef off the coast of Sanibel Island created by the sunken World War II warship, the USS Mohawk.  It houses about 80 fish, including bamboo sharks, angelfish, tangs, scats, yellow tailed snapper, rock grouper, black see bass, blue stripped grunts, and a zebra moray eel. This exhibit also includes two 65-inch computer touchscreens allowing visitors to take a “virtual dive” to the real USS Mohawk!

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