IMAG Speaker Series

Join us for our first Distinguished Speaker Event on October 24th!

Our Guest Speaker Adrian Kerr:

‘Alcohol – its history’

Join us for our first Distinguished Speaker ‘Alcohol – A History’ We will journey from the beginnings of civilization and explore alcohol’s cultural impacts around the world and effects on human behavior. From Prohibition to Blue Laws, explore civilizations attempts to control the use of alcohol. IMAG’s Executive Director, Matt Johnson, will also share local lore from Whiskey Creek’s moonshiners to Caribbean rum runners.

Enjoy a complimentary signature drink and rum tasting locally distilled by Wicked Dolphin.

October 24th

6:00pm to 8:00pm

Light refreshments provided. The museum will also be opened!

Cost: Members: $15

Non-Members: $20

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IMAG Vision

Broadening perspectives, inspiring life-long learning, and enriching lives by bringing history and science to life

IMAG Mission

To use the lenses of history and science to understand and explore the rich culture and habitat of Southwest Florida

About the Speaker

Professor Adrian Kerr’s ‘Lifelong Learning Enrichment Talks’

Born in England, Kerr is a Professor of Ancient Civilizations and Cultures and is the Associate Dean of Continuing Education at Edison State College. He has spent the last thirty years researching, writing and broadcasting on the Ancient Civilizations of Turkey, Greece, Venice, India, Persia, Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq and Iran. Professor Kerr is described as “a leading historical populist”; he is a published author and regularly appears on television and radio, contributing to programs which focus on ancient history, culture and comparative religion. He is also in demand as a moderator for topical historical/political televised events and television/radio phone-ins. His work also regularly appears in the press particularly historical and travel journals and he provides the voice over for many museum tours.

Kerr is particularly well known and respected for the interactive popular talks he gives to inquiring audiences around the world and has been acclaimed for being able to present complex historical, political and religious issues in a straight forward, balanced and enjoyable manner. He is particularly noted for his ability to compress thousands of years of complex history into an enjoyable, often humorous, summary which leaves audiences focused on the main events. He is a guest lecturer at universities which include Columbia and Harvard, and museums internationally.

Kerr graduated from Leeds University before going on to conduct research in Iraq, India and Egypt. Earlier in his career he lived full time in India for three years and in Saudi Arabia for two years conducting research on the ancient history and religion of the great civilizations of the Middle East and Indian sub continent. He is a specialist on the development and interaction between these ancient civilizations and cultures. Kerr has a particular passion for the development of the architectural style and function of ancient temples, tombs, forts and palaces.

He is a published author; his recent books include “Ancient Egypt and us” 2008 and “KV-63, the untold story of the new tomb in the Valley of the Kings” 2010. He is currently working on his new book “The ascent of man” which revisits the major steps that led humans from cave dwellers to the space age.