Join us for our homeschool programs! Students will learn about a variety of topics ranging from biology, geology, chemistry, and physics to technology, engineering, robotics, & forensics. Join us weekly, monthly, or just pick your favorite topics, but register today because space is limited and programs sell out quickly!

All children in the museum must be supervised by an adult at all times.

Programs are $15 for IMAG member student participants or $24 for non-members. One adult per family may accompany student(s) in the classroom & is included with registration. Member adults and non-participating siblings may enjoy the museum’s exhibit areas during program hours. Non-member family may enjoy the museum’s exhibit areas while students are in class; see our Plan Your Day page for admission costs.


Each Class: $15 member /$24 non-member (1 child + 1 adult)*
Class Time: Mondays, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
*Includes Admission into the museum.

This is not a drop off class. Parents are required to stay in class with their children.

Cancellation and Refund Policy
All classes require a minimum of 5 participants and have a maximum of 15 participants. The IMAG reserves the right to cancel classes that have not met our minimum enrollment. The registration/payment deadline for each class is the Friday prior to that class. Parents may accompany their child in the workshop or explore the IMAG, but must be onsite. No substitutions are permitted. If the IMAG cancels a class, participants will receive a full refund. If a participant cancels a registration, they will receive a full refund if it is 30 days prior and 50% if it is at least 7 days prior. Any cancellations less than 7 days before a class will not receive a refund or credit towards another class.

IMAG Homeschool is designed for ages 5-14 and takes place in a unified class group. 

Please plan to arrive in time for a 10 AM class start. Registered homeschool students can arrive as early as 9:30 AM to get some museum exploration in before class!

Only registered students will be able to participate in classroom activities. Non-registered siblings should bring other quiet activities to keep occupied. 


Registration for all homeschool classes closes the Thursday before the class in question. 

Homeschool Schedule

Registration for all homeschool classes closes the Thursday before the class in question. 


February 5th

  • Marine Animals: The world’s oceans contain more than two hundred thousand different animal species – and those are just
    the ones scientists have been able to reach! Join us for meet-and-greets with some of the marine animals
    living here at the IMAG and learn all about their underwater lives from hands-on activities!

February 19th

  • Marine Plants: About 70% of all oxygen on planet earth is produced by marine plants, like phytoplankton and algae – and that’s not even the coolest thing about them! Students will embark on a seaweed safari, discovering the fascinating world of marine plants, their ecological importance, and their role in sustaining aquatic ecosystems.


April 1st

  • IMAG Life Skills: There are a lot of skills we don’t even realize we have that we use every single day! From time management to effective communication to setting smart goals, join us on a journey of personal achievement!

April 15th

  • Personal Finance: Learning how to manage money can seem imposing – so let’s work together to learn what we need to know! Join us for a special guest speaker class featuring Junior Achievement of Southwest Florida to  learn a little more about personal finance!


March 4th

  • Math in Nature: Explore the connection between math and the world around us! Students will work on hands-on activities exploring symmetry, geometry, the Fibonacci sequence and more – all as it appears in nature!

March 18th

  • Art in Nature:  Art is all around us – including in the world around us! Students in this class will explore their artistic side, getting inspired to see and create art by being in nature! Complete a color scavenger hunt, make some art based on the world around you, and more!


May 6th

  • Ancient Language & Storytelling: From the beginning of language, all the way to the printing press – we’re exploring language from a time well before our own! How did people tell stories and pass along information for future generations? We’ll explore and learn more with interactive activities!

May 20th

  • Modern Language & Storytelling: From the age of the printing press onwards, we’ve really come a long way in how we share information! In this class, we’ll get inspired and create some modern storytelling of our own.

Homeschool Makers' Club

IMAG Maker’s Club classes give students the opportunity to learn new skills, fine-tune their creations, and show off their creativity using the Rist FabLab’s high-tech tools like laser cutters, 3D printers, vinyl and sublimation products, and more!

Each session of Maker’s Club is comprised of three separate classes – all steps in working toward one goal. We recommend students attend all three classes in order to complete their project with all the resources available!

Winter Session: 12/11/2023; 1/22/24;  2/12/24

Spring Session: 3/11/2024; 4/15/24;  5/13/24


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