Join us for our homeschool programs! Students will learn about a variety of topics ranging from biology, geology, chemistry, and physics to technology, engineering, robotics, & forensics. Join us weekly, monthly, or just pick your favorite topics, but register today because space is limited and programs sell out quickly!

All children in the museum must be supervised by an adult at all times.

Programs are $15 for IMAG member student participants or $24 for non-members. One adult per family may accompany student(s) in the classroom & is included with registration. Member adults and non-participating siblings may enjoy the museum’s exhibit areas during program hours. Non-member family may enjoy the museum’s exhibit areas while students are in class; see our Plan Your Day page for admission costs.


Each Class: $15 member /$24 non-member (1 child + 1 adult)*
Ages 5-8: Mondays, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Ages 9 -14: Mondays, 10:00 AM– 12:00 PM

*Includes Admission into the museum.

This is not a drop off class. Parents are required to stay in class with their children. If you have a younger child and older child in class, you will stay with the younger child in class.

Cancellation and Refund Policy
All classes require a minimum of 5 participants and have a maximum of 15 participants. The IMAG reserves the right to cancel classes that have not met our minimum enrollment. The registration/payment deadline for each class is the Friday prior to that class. Parents may accompany their child in the workshop or explore the IMAG, but must be onsite. No substitutions are permitted. If the IMAG cancels a class, participants will receive a full refund. If a participant cancels a registration, they will receive a full refund if it is 30 days prior and 50% if it is at least 7 days prior. Any cancellations less than 7 days before a class will not receive a refund or credit towards another class.

Registration for all homeschool classes closes the Thursday before the class in question. 

Homeschool Schedule

Registration for all homeschool classes closes the Thursday before the class in question. 


September 11th

  • Ages 5-8: It’s Electric!
    Join us on a journey into the world of electricity! In this hands-on class, students will learn where electricity comes from, build their very own circuits, and test different materials to see just how
    well they conduct electricity!
  • Ages 9-14: Energy and Electricity
    Get ready to unravel the mysteries of electricity and energy! Uncover our Earth’s sources of electricity, engineer intricate circuits, and use your body’s conductivity to make music!

September 25th

  • Ages 5-8: Electricity and Magnets
    What does electricity have to do with magnets? You’ll find out in this
    class as you crack magnet puzzles, discover how our Earth is magneAc, and wield your own electromagnet!
  • Ages 9-14: Deep Dive into Electromagnetism
    Uncover the unseen forces that shape our universe! Delve into
    magnetism’s wonders: explore sources, the electromagnetic spectrum, and craft a telegraph machine.


October 2nd

  • Ages 5-8: The Moon and the Sun
    With an eclipse coming up on October 14th, become an eclipse expert! Learn the relationships between the Earth, Moon, and Sun, create your own eclipse art, and more! 
  • Ages 9-14: Eclipses Unveiled
  •  Unravel the science behind a solar eclipse through hands-on demonstrations and experiments. Students will leave equipped with the knowledge and tools to view this month’s exciting upcoming celestial event!

October 16th

  • Ages 5-8: The Sun and the Solar System
    The sun is the center of our Solar System – and it makes a lot
    happen in the cosmos! Learn about sunspots, solar flares, and more through hands-on activities!
  • Ages 9-14: Solar Spotlight
    What causes sunspots and solar flares– and are they dangerous to us? Students will answer that question and more as they venture beyond the seemingly tranquil surface of the sun and discover how its inner workings impact our solar system.


November 6th

  • Ages 5-8: The Science of Sound
    Step into the world of sound! Explore how ears capture sound, uncover how animals use and hear sounds, and dive into hands-on demos of pitch and how cymatics makes sound visible!
  • Ages 9-14: Decibels Demystified
    Explore the fascinating world of sound, hands-on and ears-on! Discover the ear’s mechanics, see how you can make sounds change, and how fast sound can really travel!

November 20th

  • Ages 5-8: Make Some Music!
    Join us for a symphony of learning and fun! Use your knowledge of sound and create your own weird and wacky musical instruments.
  • Ages 9-14: Sound Lab
    Meet us at the intersection of science and creativity – and take your understanding of sound to the next level! Students will create their own instrument and understand how and why it works!

Homeschool Makers' Club

IMAG Maker’s Club classes give students the opportunity to learn new skills, fine-tune their creations, and show off their creativity using the Rist FabLab’s high-tech tools like laser cutters, 3D printers, vinyl and sublimation products, and more!

Each session of Maker’s Club is comprised of three separate classes – all steps in working toward one goal. We recommend students attend all three classes in order to complete their project with all the resources available!

Fall Session: 9/15/2023; 10/09/2023;  11/13/2023

Winter Session: 12/11/2023; 1/22/24;  2/12/24

Spring Session: 3/11/2024; 4/15/24;  5/13/24


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