Join us for our NEW homeschool programs. Students will learn about a variety of topics ranging from biology, geology, chemistry, and physics to technology, engineering, robotics, & forensics. Join us weekly, monthly, or just pick your favorite topics, but register today because space is limited and programs sell out quickly!

Onsite workshops will be limited to a maximum of 15 participants to allow for social distancing. Families with multiple children are encouraged to reduce the number of adults in the classroom. Only one adult chaperone per family may stay in the classroom. Due to space limitations, non-participating students cannot be accommodated in the classroom. Member families may have another adult member in the museum exhibit areas with additional child non-participants. All children in the museum must be supervised by an adult at all times.

All attendees will have a touch-free temperature scan upon admittance. Anyone that is ill or experiencing any COVID-19 or other respiratory infection symptoms is asked to stay home.
Programs are $15 for IMAG member student participants or $24 for non-members. One adult per family may accompany student(s) in the classroom. Member adults and non-participating siblings may enjoy the museum’s exhibit areas during program hours.


Each Class: $15 member /$24 non-member (1 child + 1 adult)*
Ages 5-8: Mondays, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Ages 9 -14: Mondays, 10:00 AM– 12:00 PM

*Includes Admission into the museum.

Cancellation and Refund Policy
All classes require a minimum of 5 participants and have a maximum of 15 participants. The IMAG reserves the right to cancel classes that have not met our minimum enrollment. The registration/payment deadline for each class is the Friday prior to that class. Parents may accompany their child in the workshop or explore the IMAG, but must be onsite. No substitutions are permitted. If the IMAG cancels a class, participants will receive a full refund. If a participant cancels a registration, they will receive a full refund if it is 30 days prior and 50% if it is at least 7 days prior. Any cancellations less than 7 days before a class will not receive a refund or credit towards another class

Homeschool Makers' Club

Cost: $15 member – $24 non-member (1 child + adult)*

*Includes Admission into the museum.

We are offering a Makers’ Club just for Homeschool Students on the second Monday of each month from 10:00 am-12:00 pm.

Homeschool students will learn how to use Fab Lab equipment, such as the 3D Printer, Vinyl Cutter, and Laser Cutter, and have time to work on projects of their choice. The club’s purpose is to teach Homeschool Students skills they can continue to work on at home. 

Staff will be available to teach new skills and assist with projects students are working on during club hours.


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Homeschool Schedule

September: Super STEM

Explore how STEM and our favorite superheroes’ and villains’ powers are connected. 


Ages 5-8: The Physics & Chemistry Behind Superpowers

Learn about the power of magnets, what makes things fly,  and more!

Ages 9-14: Dangerous Superpowers: Ice

Learn about the chemistry behind some more dangerous superpowers while making nitrogen clouds, shattering frozen flowers, and more. 


Ages 5-8: The Biology & Engineering Behind Superpowers

Learn how animals, insects, and plants have inspired superheroes and how some superheroes utilize engineering for their “superpowers.” 

Ages 9-14: Dangerous Superpowers: Fire 

Learn about physical and chemical changes and explore the chemistry behind fire and combustion. 

November: STEM After Dark

Explore the darker side of STEM while learning about the moon and stars, investigating why some things glow in the dark, and learning more about nocturnal animals. 


Ages 5-8: Glow Science

Learn why some things can glow in the dark while making glow snow, glowing lava  lamps, and more. 

Ages 9-14: Exploring Luminescence

Learn about the different types of luminescence while creating a swirling, glowing luminol experiment, erupting a glowing Mentos fountain, and experimenting with deconstructed glow sticks. 


Homeschool Makers’ Club: Glow in the Dark

Learn how to use the vinyl cutter while making glow in the dark decals and a glow in the dark t-shirt. 


Ages 5-8: Exploring the Night Sky

Learn about the phases of the moon, how to identify different constellations and planets in the night sky, and more through hands-on experiments and special Science on a Sphere shows.

Ages 9-14: Star Gazers

Learn about the stars, the life cycle of a star, use a solar scope, and more. 

October: Exploring Ancient Egyptian STEM

Step into Ancient Egypt as IMAG premieres the new King Tut exhibit and learn about the ancient civilization through hands-on STEM experiments. 


Ages 5-8: Mummies, Pyramids, and Tombs….Oh My!

Learn about the science behind mummification while making a mummified apple,  explore the engineering behind pyramids, and more. 

Ages 9-14: STEM Contributions of Ancient Egypt

Learn about some of the amazing STEM contributions the Ancient Egyptians  developed and discovered- and try some out! 


Homeschool Makers’ Club: Egyptian Treasures

Learn how to use the laser cutter while making a cartouche with your name engraved in hieroglyphics, an Egyptian symbol pendant, and more. 


Ages 5-8: Archaeological Dig

Learn how to be an archaeologist, go on a mini dig, and research information  about the artifact you find.  

Ages 9-14: Escape from Tut’s Tomb

Complete different challenges based on Ancient Egypt, crack the codes and escape Tut’s Tomb! 

December: Winter STEM

Conduct hands-on experiments about temperature, states of matter, and more with a winter twist. 


Ages 5-8: Frozen

Explore the states of matter and learn about temperature while conducting  experiments with regular ice and dry ice. 

Ages 9-14: Dry Ice Investigations

Learn about states of matter, physical vs. chemical changes and acid-base reactions while conducting experiments with dry ice. 


Homeschool Makers’ Club: Snowflakes

Use our laser cutter and vinyl cutter to create 3D snowflakes, stickers, decals, and more. 


Ages 5-8: Winter Engineering Challenges

Use problem solving skills to conquer winter themed engineering challenges  involving winter fortresses, snowmen, and snowflakes! 

Ages 9-14: Winter Polymers

Learn about polymers while making Styrofoam cups melt, instant snow erupt out  of a beaker, and more.