Fort Myers, Fla. (October 11, 2017)IMAG History & Science Center has released its new app in Google Play and the App Store. The IMAG App will take visitors on one-of-a-kind virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) adventures. The VR experiences include a climb to the top of IMAG’s iconic water tower and a virtual dive to the U.S.S. Mohawk, an artificial reef off the coast of Sanibel Island. The AR experiences allow guests to look at the fossils on display at IMAG, and view their 3D animated renderings: a Columbian mammoth, a T-rex and a megalodon, fully fleshed out and “alive” on the exhibit floor.

As guests virtually climb the water tower they experience breathtaking panoramic views of surrounding scenery, including the Caloosahatchee River in the distance, and a look down at the base of the tower for those who dare. The U.S.S. Mohawk dive allows interaction with the historic WW II ship and artificial reef just as a scuba diver would. Guests can also see a replica of the U.S.S. Mohawk in IMAG’s 3,200-gallon aquarium designed and built by the Discovery Channel’s Tanked.

Executive Director Matt Johnson shared that IMAG is incorporating VR and AR because the technology is a powerful tool that has transformed the way people absorb information through immediate engagement and immersive interaction. Johnson said, “We intend to expand our VR and AR experiences due to their highly effective capacity to teach abstract concepts and because of suitability for all ages and learning styles.”

The IMAG App is easily downloaded to smartphones. Custom VR glasses will be available for purchase, allowing guests to turn their smartphones into virtual reality systems. The prehistoric creatures can easily be viewed by pointing one’s smartphone at the corresponding AR markers in front of the fossils. The experiences don’t stop when guests leave IMAG, as they can visit the VR worlds anywhere they go, and they can print the AR markers at home to take their creatures everywhere.

IMAG History and Science Center is a family-friendly destination offering fun interactive exhibits, an aquarium, history displays and a 3D theatre. The mission is to engage guests in the exploration of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), and more recently the history of Southwest Florida. This is achieved through hands-on experiences and educational programs that further the understanding of the natural and human-made world, and foster an appreciation for Southwest Florida’s unique environment, natural waterways, and rich history. A visit to IMAG nurtures intellectual curiosity, discovery, and innovation. For more information, visit or visit in person – 2000 Cranford Avenue | Fort Myers, Fla. 33916