Fort Myers, Fla. (Apr. 23, 2018) – The IMAG History & Science Center will host an exhibit prepared by FGCU’s Museum Exhibit Design Class that examines the rich cultural significance the craft of patchwork holds for the Seminole Indian Tribe.

While working with the IMAG History and Science Center in Fort Myers, A group of students from Florida Gulf Coast University’s “Museum Exhibit Design” Class brainstormed, planned, and designed, and built an exhibit on the representation of the culture of the Seminole through their patchwork.

     The exhibits main goal is to show its views a broad range of cultural ideals that the Seminole hold on to from both the past and the present. But it is up to visitors and viewers of the exhibit to discover how patchwork became tied and associated with the Seminole tribe and how the tribe uses it as a way to stay true to themselves. It is our greatest hope that viewers who come and visit this exhibit leave with a greater sense of knowledge about the Native American tribe that still thrives in and around our communities and throughout the state of Florida.

     Through multiple informational text panels, various items on display, and several hands-on activities, visitors will not only be able to understand the overall importance of the patchwork, but also understand the amount of time and effort that a tribal member puts into each and every piece of clothing that they make. From this experience, the students of FGCU’s “Museum Exhibit Design” class hope that visitors will be able to have a better informed understanding about Native American culture as a whole. As you make your way through the exhibit, please keep in mind that while something that may be labeled  as a “craft” , it can also be seen as a piece of art.

     The exhibit will be located at the IMAG History and Science Center that is located at 2000 Cranford Ave, Fort Myers, FL 33916. The exhibit opens on May 3rd 2018 and will run through November. On May 2nd their will be an Open panel discussion featuring members of the Seminole Tribe for those who are interested. We hope to see many visitors of all ages come and enjoy the exhibit that we put a lot of our heart and soul into.

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