Members-Only Movie Premiere

at the IMAG Theater in the Tank

Our next Member Appreciation Night on Friday, July 19th from 5:30 to 7:30 pm where you can preview two new movies: Tiny Giants and Hidden Pacific.

If you haven’t already….experience our new exciting Shaping SWFL Watersheds, an interactive augmented reality exhibit. Shaping SWFL Watersheds uses a computer projector and a motion-sensing device that, when people interact with the AR sandbox, the exhibit detects changes and responds accordingly generating live topographical maps in real time. The sandbox generates images onto the surface of the sand in various colors and contour lines distinguishing elevations and watersheds as well as live images of surface changes when the sand is shaped and reshaped.

While you are at the IMAG, you can receive extra museum store discounts and enjoy refreshments! Bring in one free guest per membership to join in the fun and experience the benefits of IMAG membership!