Rube Goldberg Competition

December 14th

Cheer on our Rube Goldberg Machine Competition teams and then try your own hand at building a Rube Goldberg Machine! Make a marble run using Legos, magnetic pipes, and other materials! Trigger a popsicle stick explosion chain! Learn about physics through all different types of chain reaction contraptions!

Division Age Requirement Team Leader
APPRENTICE 8-11 Each team must have a Team Leader who will be present at the contest.
I 11-14
II 14-18
NOTE: A team member must fall within the age range for their division by June 15th, 2019.
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Rules and further Details

Machines cannot exceed 10′ L x 10′ W x 8′ H. The minimum steps for this year’s competition are 10 – Apprentice (Elementary) , 15 – division I (Middle), 20 division II (High School) – Maximum of 75 for all divisions.

Must be complete within 3 minutes. Reset time is maximum of 8 minutes. Maximum of 2 people interacting with the Machine per run.

All machines must be pre-built and resembled after arrival to the IMAG. All necessary materials need to be brought with you on the day of the event. The IMAG will not provide any materials to any group. Please review the Complete Rulebook provided to you on our website before building and arriving to the IMAG.