Phase 1 Reopening Plan

Phase I (Beginning May 23, 2020)

Days/hours will be Friday-Monday from 10am to 4pm, building will be cleaned every afternoon, and the lobby will be cleaned first thing in the morning so that visitors first encounter a fresh-smelling space upon entry.

Limited admissions will be in place, limiting guests to 150 based on maintaining Social Distancing requirements.

Staff must wear masks at time when in contact with public.

Cleaning surfaces will be a constant throughout the day.

Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide fogging will occur daily in all high traffic areas and Red Zone exhibits

Theater will remain closed.

Sea-To-See Touch Tank experience will be a “touchless” experience.

All interactive will be clearly identified with “RED ZONE” signage encouraging guests to wash hand before and after use.  Sanitation stations will be located in all “RED ZONE” areas.

24 new “Sanitation Stations” have been placed throughout public areas.

Over 100 educational and instructional signs have been placed throughout the Center including floor decals directing traffic flow at “pinch-points.”

Summer Camp registrations will be limited to 40 students divided in 4 classrooms, virtual CAMP IMAG option available.

Camp IMAG – COVID-Response Protocols

  • Camp check-in will take place in museum store/lobby area with only campers and camp staff entering the classrooms.
  • At camp check in, all camper parents, guardians, or caregivers must attest that no one in their household is currently ill or exhibiting any of the recognized COVID-19 symptoms in order for child(ren) to attend camp programs each day.
  • All camper parents, guardians, or caregivers must agree to keep child(ren) home from camp if they or anyone in the household become ill or begin exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19.
  • All campers will undergo basic health checks upon arrival, daily, including a touch-free infrared temperature screening.
  • All camp staff will wear protective face coverings to prevent possibleasymptomatic spread.
  • Campers and anyone dropping off or picking up campers are encouraged to wear masks or face coverings to reduce risk of transmission.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided at camper check-in table, throughout the camp classrooms, and the museum facility.
  • All campers and staff will be required to wash hands thoroughly upon arrival and will be instructed on proper hand-washing technique. Sinks or portable hand-washing stations are also set up in each classroom with frequent hand washing encouraged throughout the day, and required before meals and snacks.
  • To minimize transmission risks, items from home will be disinfected andlimited to a small bag (drawstring backpacks are perfect, no full-size backpacks or bulky bags), lunch box, and large water bottle, all of which must be completely contained in a 12”x12” cubby. No toys, stuffed animals, or electronics should be brought to camp.
  • Camp classrooms and restrooms will be throughly sanitized before camp, after camp check in, and at the end of the camp day, using the same ionized hydrogen peroxide fogging technology utilized in hospitals.
  • Additional surface disinfecting will take place between activities as well as before and after meals and snacks, all of which will be individually-packaged items with no food sharing permitted.
  • Campers will have 45 minutes each morning to explore IMAG exhibits before the museum opens. Ionized hydrogen peroxide fogging will leave all surfaces, objects, and spaces sanitized prior to and after use.
  • Campers will be required to bring a large, reusable, clean and sanitized water bottle to camp daily so they may remain hydrated, as water fountains will be closed to reduce risk of transmission. Bottles should be taken home to clean, sanitize, refill, and return for the next day.
  • Campers will be educated about scientifically-proven, evidence-based, risk-mitigation measures to prevent the spread of illnesses including but not limited to COVID-19, and encouraged to respect the efforts of others to minimize direct contact and adhere to social distancing recommendations.
  • According to CDC recommendations, group sizes will be limited to no more than 10 and avoid interaction with other groups to minimize social exposure and risk of transmission. Classes will remain separated for all activities, meals, and snacks.
  • Wherever possible, social distancing measures will be implemented and encouraged.
  • Most frequently-used materials will be set up in individual camper caddies to minimize shared supplies and any shared items will be disinfected daily.
  • If a camper becomes ill while at camp, a parent or emergency contact will be called and must come to pick up the child within an hour of notification.
  • If a camper or camp staff tests positive for COVID-19, all camper parents will be notified.