School’s Out, Camp’s In!

Monday, September 2

Grades K-2 The Snack Lab

Make snacks with a science twist in this camp! Make ice cream with dry ice, brew homemade neon colored soda, use a solar oven to make S’mores and more!

Grades 3-5 Glow in the Dark Kitchen

Step into our blacklight kitchen and make culinary masterpieces that glow in the dark! Make glow in the dark Jell-o worms, popsicles, cotton candy, and more!

Monday, September 30

Grades K-2 Robot Olympics

Send Hexbugs, Ollies, Spheros, Ozobots, and Scribs through mazes, obstacle courses, and other challenges!

Grades 3-5 Rover Races

Build Lego Mindstorm rovers in the morning and race them in the afternoon!

Monday, October 14

Grades K-2 Spooktacular Science

Get spooky with us at the IMAG! Make neon play dough and use it to make your own Monster Making Kit,  meet some of our creepy crawly Animal Ambassadors, brew fizzy potions in mini cauldrons, and more!

Grades 3-5 Creepy Chemists

Step into our Mad Science Lab and make creepy and spooky Halloween inspired concoctions! Make monster slime; smoky, bubbly potions; Jack o’ Lanterns that ooze and froth; and more!

Monday, November 11

Grades K-2 Squishy Science

Use play dough to make squishy circuits! Create creatures with eyes that light up! Construct buildings with illuminated windows! Make butterflies with antennae that glow!

Grades 3-5 Makey Makey Engineers

Use Makey Makey to make a giant yoga mat piano, play dough game controllers, cardboard guitars, and more!

Monday, November 25 – Wednesday, November 27*

Grades K-2 Frozen

Let it go with The IMAG as you explore the frostier side of science! Play with instant snow, explore the symmetry of snowflakes, conduct experiments with dry ice, and experience a chilly nitrogen science show!

Grades 3-5 Sub Zero Science

Sink your gloves into some seriously cold science in this camp! Use dry ice to make giant bubbles, bubbling rainbows, smoky clouds, and more! Plus, make flowers shatter, create dragon’s breath, and more with liquid nitrogen!

Thursday, December 26 – Friday, December 27*

Grades K-2 Coding Games

Learn about coding and programming by using Bloxels to create video games, playing games with Osmos, and programming Ozobots to complete different challenges.

Grades 3-5 Stop Action Movie Makers

Become a miniature movie maker in this camp! Write your script, design your set, and use action figures to create a short stop action animation film!

Monday, December 30 – Tuesday, December 31*

Grades K-2 Jedi Academy

The Force will be strong with our campers at our Jedi Academy! Campers will design light sabers, build droids, and even fly tie fighters and x-wing paper airplanes!

Grades 3-5 Jedi Engineers

 Our Jedi Engineers will design an army of bristle bot droids, build a Death Star tractor beam, create Ewok catapults, race Speeder hovercrafts, and launch Star Wars inspired starship rockets!

Thursday, January 2 – Friday, January 3*

Grades K-2 Mad Science Lab

Grab your lab coat, put on your safety goggles, and step into our Mad Science Lab to conduct bubbling, fizzing, and even explosive chemistry experiments!

Grades 3-5 Chemistry Magicians

Discover the chemistry behind magic tricks! Learn a polymer trick, use the speed of light to make something disappear, create optical illusions, and more!

Monday, January 6 – Tuesday, January 7*

Grades K-2 Animal Grossology

Animals can be cute- and gross! Dissect an owl pellet, identify tracks and scat, meet a Hissing Cockroach and more as you learn about animal grossology!

Grades 3-5 Grossology

Sometimes science can be gross, slimy, stinky… and fun! Learn about germs using glowing germ powder, pop some burping bags, test your taste buds with questionable treats, make fake snot, and more!

*Registration is for multi-day camps.