Join us on for our Monster Mash Science Saturday October 5th

There will also be a special Spooktacular Science Show with exploding pumpkins, elephant toothpaste erupting out of Jack O’ Lanterns, and bubbling dry ice cauldrons!

Mess Fest

November 2nd

Get messy at The IMAG during this fizzy, foamy, slimy event! Throw on a poncho and googles and help us launch 100 Mentos fountains and 1,000 Alka Seltzer Rockets! Kick off your shoes and try walking across a pool of Oobleck! Watch as a giant, foamy Dinosaur Toothpaste erupts into the sky!

Rube Goldberg Competition

December 14th

Cheer on our Rube Goldberg Machine Competition teams and then try your own hand at building a Rube Goldberg Machine! Make a marble run using Legos, magnetic pipes, and other materials! Trigger a popsicle stick explosion chain! Learn about physics through all different types of chain reaction contraptions!

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