Want to join in the Camp IMAG fun from home? If you can’t come to the IMAG, then we’ll bring the IMAG to you! Virtual camps deliver exciting and educational activities that can be enjoyed at home to pump up the science fun this summer with a little Zoom magic. Pick a week or more, or sign up for all four so you don’t miss a minute of the action.

$20/week for IMAG Members or $25/week for Non-Members

Zoom with IMAG staff and fellow virtual campers each day, with supply lists and instructions provided.

Virtual Summer Camp 2020 Weekly Schedule

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Grades 3-5 Wizard Academy Jedi Academy Junior Keepers CSI: IMAG Edition
Grades 6-8 Tech Garage  Don’t Try This At Home Movie Makers IMAG School for Wizards

Grades 3-5

Wizard Academy 6/15-19

Look for your acceptance letter in the mail and join The IMAG’s Wizard School for a week! Get sorted into your house and attend classes on potions, charms, magical creatures and more! Make your own wand, adopt a magical pet, and compete in a wizards’ scavenger hunt. Graduate in a special ceremony at the end of the week.

Jedi Academy 6/22-26

The Force will be strong with our campers at our Jedi Academy! Campers will design light sabers, build droids, create Ewok catapults, and even fly tie fighters and x-wing paper airplanes!

Junior Keepers 6/29-7/3

Meet and learn about the IMAG’s animal ambassadors, as well as how to care for them! Spend time with our bearded dragons, ball pythons, and more in special Meet-the-Keeper sessions. You’ll discover what different animals need to eat, how they live, and see what it takes to replicate their wild habitats.

CSI: IMAG Edition 7/6-10

A crime has been committed and only IMAG Campers can solve it! Learn different forensic techniques, how to collect and analyze evidence, interview witnesses and create suspect sketches, and more as you work to solve the case.

Grades 6-8

Tech Garage 6/15-19

Grab your tools and get ready work in a Fab Lab! Explore electric circuits and experiment with conductive dough. Learn how to design 3D objects to be printed, and even transform old tech into new tech! If you can dream it and plan it, you can make it!

Don’t Try This At Home! 6/22-26

Or DO, but only with permission, planning, and careful clean up. Spend a week doing all of the explosive, messy, and crazy experiments you wouldn’t otherwise be allowed to do at home!

Movie Makers 6/29-7/3

Write, film, edit and premiere a movie all in one week! Make a stop motion movie like Nightmare Before Christmas, film a bad sci-fi movie using green screens and props, or a magical movie featuring science-based special effects! By Friday, you’ll be ready to premiere your movie for friends and family!

IMAG School for Wizards 7/6-10

Grab your robes and broomstick and hop on the train to the IMAG’s School for Wizards! Get sorted into your house, attend magical classes and compete in wizard challenges all week! On the final day of camp, put your wizarding skills to the test and compete in wizarding challenges!